About Us

Who We Are


C L E A N was founded in 2012 by the families of loved ones struggling with substance use problems. While trying to find affordable, effective treatment, these families realized the overwhelming need for education, awareness and support within our communities. Because of the expense for good, quality treatment and the lack of coverage by insurance companies, substance use problems is often “treated” through the justice system. CLEAN has found that those that can afford treatment choose facilities outside of Indiana because of the additional options provided by other states. 


Our Mission


C.L.E.A.N.’s, Can Live Everyday Alive and New, mission is to find better, and safer ways to help those who have issues related to substance use. We seek treatment options that are ground in evidence, not ideology. Our goal is to help find and provide funding to help individuals and families seeking help with substance use. 

Our Beliefs


It is our belief that solutions lie in a more compassionate approach. Families need to know that there are choices besides "rock bottom" and "tough love". Evidence shows that a more compassionate approach works better at  helping those suffering from substance use problems heal. Let's begin to enable our loved ones with knowledge, facts and information to help keep them alive. Harm reduction methods can help cut down on overdose related death, HIV and other blood born diseases. 

We believe that increasing awareness is the first step to change – change in the way substance use is viewed; change in the way it is identified and prevented; and change in the way people who struggle with substance use are viewed by society.


The need to help our youth is clear. According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency (OJJD), from 1980 to 2010 the overall trend shows a 44% increase of arrest rates for youth ages 15-17 on drug abuse violations (http:// www.ojjdp.gov). Families searching for help find the cost crippling or the need to send their loved one away to recover alone without family support. Additionally, the lack of community awareness and understanding make finding help and support even more difficult. As a grass-roots organization comprised of loved ones with substance use problems and addiction issues, CLEAN strives to support families of addiction by raising community awareness, providing information to families in need, and pursuing the development of a center here in Central Indiana. The development of a science based center will provide detoxification and rehabilitation services within a supportive environment that treats addiction through education of family and of the life skills required for lasting recovery.